What is RSS?

Abbreviation Rich Site Summary means "site summary" or "brief and useful site" and allows you to be aware of the latest news or titles of your favorite site and blog, without the need for

The main applications of RSS are the following: - Display the latest titles of other websites on your website or vice versa (share new content) - Receive the latest content of favorite sites using special software (web

Without RSS, you have to check your favorite sites every day to stay up to date, but with this technology, you can have multiple RSS feeds in one app RSS aggregator or (RSS reader) You see together and see the titles of recent posts of sites without referring to them

What is an RSS Reader? RSS Reader is an electronic RSS reader software. There are now many software in this field that can be downloaded to read RSS. But recently, Internet browsers have also been equipped with an electronic RSS reader. RSS reader software includes Thunderbird and Google Reader.

Source: Wikipedia