17 Dec 2021
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In the introductory ceremony of the managers and experts of the SSP-C project:
The CEO of Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company, in the introductory meeting of managers and experts of the SSP-C project, called for maximum use of local capacities and facilities in different operations of construction, implementation, and commissioning.

According to the Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical public relations and international affairs, the CEO of this company, in the introductory meeting of managers and experts of the SSP-C project which signed recently with Chagalesh Consulting Engineers, referring to the role and position of the products ofThe Maximum Use of Local Facilities to Run the SSP-C project Was Issued Polyethylene Terephthalate chain in the petrochemical industry and the completion of value chains in the Complementary Industries. He said: the implementation of this project is one of the main measures in increasing the flexibility of production. So, the company plays an effective role in meeting market needs, customer demand, and competitiveness.
Ghasemi Shahri referred to the cohesiveness and empathy of the teams, asked for important activities such as documenting actions, full observance of safety points and cooperation, and extensive interaction between the executor and the employer from the beginning to the end. So, he added: during the construction, implementation, and commissioning stages of the project, local capacities and facilities should be used in maximum.
Amin Malekzadeh, the supervisor of Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company, introduced Chagalesh Company as one of the famous for implementing large construction projects. Malekzadeh added: With the efforts, expertise, and commitment of the project members, we will see the project succeed in less than the set time.
Maziar Madouli, SSP-C project manager of Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company, thanked the contracting and employer team for speeding up the implementation of this project, informed about the process of different units of the company, capacity building, and activities related to this project from the first decision to the contract.
The contract for the purchase, installation, and commissioning of the new SSP-C unit of Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company was signed on December 8 with Chagalesh consulting engineers approximately 30 million Euros. The purpose of signing this contract is to increase the production capacity of the company by 450 tons per day and to produce bottle grades in the "Poly C" unit. With the implementation of this project, the production line of Polyethylene Terephthalate petrochemical products of Shahid Tondgooyan will become more flexible in terms of producing different grades of products.

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